In today’s digital world, technology is increasingly becoming an even more integral part of every business. The pandemic has given us a glance into the future: our increasing reliance on technology, whether it’s videoconferencing software, IoT, AI, or cloud-based tools. In Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) technology is also increasingly becoming a key factor in deal success. According to recent research more than 70% of mergers fail to deliver their anticipated value. As technology increasingly permeates all business aspects, understanding a company’s IT assets, systems, and processes becomes crucial during an M&A deal.

With the recent uptick in cybercrime in general and ransomware in particular, venture capital (VC), mergers and acquisitions and private equity (PE) firms have had to broaden the scope of their due diligence efforts on potential investments to include cyber due diligence.



Deal Strategy: Understanding of deal value drivers and key business requirements. Understand anticipated future-state operating model and deal priorities. Prepare Due Diligence Activities: Validate key questions and hypotheses.


Data Room Analysis: Collect and analyze data. Conduct assessments for focus areas. Identify incomplete data, grey zones, and significant risks. Interview and Analysis: Conduct interviews to address outstanding questions.


Deep Dive: Iterate assessment on critical topics. Synthesis: Analyze risks. Identify mitigation options. Identify synergies and cost elements. Build high-level value case on synergies and key cost elements indication.


Executive Report Consolidations: Maturity assessment. Categorized risks, potential impact on deal value and mitigation options. Benchmarks. Synergy list. Recommendation and value creation roadmap.

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N2M’s Mergers and Acquisitions practice specializes in technology services. Differentiated by our long lineage and hands-on expertise, N2M has over thirty years of experience serving clients as trusted IT advisors. Our advisors have strong experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity with extensive due diligence experience.


N2M’s Experienced Technology and Cyber Due Diligence Team N2M’s team has conducted over 100 technology due diligences. Our team specializes in services for Private Equity firms. With over 30 years of experience in technology, N2M is the top choice of leading corporations and private equity firms for Technology and Cyber Due Diligence services and more.




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      N2M has been at the forefront of technology for decades driving change and innovation. We have launched innovative tech startups, developed groundbreaking technology and were among the first leaders in digital and cloud adoption. We are technology veterans with firsthand knowledge and know-how to drive efficient, effective technology and business transformation with real results. Many of our advisors are former Fortune 50 CIOs, CISOs and more – providing the right expertise when you need it.

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