As an IT Executive Search Partner – N2M is differentiated by our hands-on technology expertise spanning over 30 years as consultants and advisors. Our expertise enables us to hire the best in the market, as we understand client requirements. We also leverage our extensive network of professionals – we have have personally worked with. With most requests we don’t have to search, but simply match requirements with skills within our network.

N2M recruits full-time, fractional and contract CIOs, CISOs, VP of IT  and more – providing the right expertise when you need it.

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Technology Experts

N2M has a proven track record of delivering results and creating value for our clients. From turning around failed projects to optimizing operations, mitigating risks and generating revenue and returns.

Tailored Expertise

With decades of experience in technology, N2M has the needed expertise to help ensure your success. Our team are experienced advisors with the right technology, industry and business expertise tailored for your needs.

Excellence In Timing

Timing is critical to our clients and meeting project deadlines. Due to our team’s extensive experience, we are able to meet deadlines faster while providing superior results.

Cost Focused

Our focus in ensuring our customers success and financial returns. That means delivering results within time and budget of your projects. Our team are senior advisors who excel in delivery excellence and timing.

Serving The World’s Leading Private Equity Firms

N2M’s Private Equity Practice specializes in providing senior-level technology talent on an interim, contract and full-time hire basis to leading Private Equity firms and portfolio companies. Our advisors have strong experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity with the needed expertise to serve critical transitional and full-time needs.


With over 30 years in IT, we have a network of the top IT candidates across the globe.

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    Why The World’s Leading Companies Choose N2M As Trusted Advisors

    N2M has been at the forefront of technology for decades driving change and innovation. We have launched innovative tech startups, developed groundbreaking technology and were among the first leaders in digital and cloud adoption. We are technology veterans with firsthand knowledge and know-how to drive efficient, effective technology and business transformation with real results. Many of our advisors are former Fortune 50 CIOs, CISOs and more – providing the right expertise when you need it.

    N2M is an IT Consulting, Advisory and Executive search firm. N2M is a woman-owned firmed headquartered in Nashville, TN.


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