N2M’s TQ. AI-Powered Due Diligence

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The need for a quick due diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A) and private equity can be critical on a competitive target. In private equity, the competition for good deals has become greater with the surge of the emergence of new private equity firms. Time spent vetting targets can cause a loss in gaining a viable target. 

IT Due Diligence is imperative to an accurate target assessment.

The importance of IT due diligence cannot be overstated. It provides a clear understanding of the technical health of a business, which can significantly impact the value and success of a transaction. It can reveal hidden liabilities, such as outdated technology, security vulnerabilities, and compliance issues.

Inadequate technology due diligence is one of the most common acquisition risks. It can cause a lot of upheaval during the M&A process. Unforeseen liabilities, financial misrepresentations, and operational challenges can arise, leading to losses, reputational damage, and legal headaches. Unfortunately, some companies are not focusing enough on technical due diligence.

N2M's TQ. AI-Powered IT Due Diligence

N2M’s TQ. is our proprietary AI-Powered IT Due Diligence service that quickly assesses a company’s risks and synergies, based on key metrics and qualifiers. The assessment can be done in much shorter timeframes than typical IT Due Diligence assessments and typically at lower costs. With N2M’s TQ., the assessment can be done in a two-week window, depending on the specific requirements.

N2M’s TQ. proprietary methodology coupled with N2M’s experienced IT Due Diligence team, provides real insights driven by experts. In addition to a comprehensive view of a company’s IT assets, N2M’s TQ. also provides recommendations of the technical focus, including detailing risks, synergies and areas of improvements. With N2M’s TQ. and our expert guidance and high-impact insights, investors can bid with confidence.

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N2M is an award-winning, boutique digital consultancy with over 30 years of experience serving clients as trusted advisors. Differentiated by our agility and specialized expertise, we provide personalized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. N2M is a preferred partner to leading companies, private equity firms and portfolio companies worldwide.

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N2M ‘s Private Equity division provides IT Services and Buy-Side, Sell-Side Advisory services. 

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