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Led by a team of technology industry veterans with over thirty years of IT experience, N2M is the preferred IT due diligence partner to leading corporations and private equity firms world-wide. 




Custom IT & Cyber Due Diligence Services

Born in technology with over thirty years of experience, N2M is differentiated by our deep technology and industry expertise, and specialized services tailored to deliver successful and cost-effective results. N2M is the top choice of leading corporations and private equity firms for Technology and Cyber Due Diligence services and more.

In Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A), technology is increasingly becoming a critical factor in deal success. According to recent research, more than 70% of M&A transactions fail to deliver their anticipated value. As technology increasingly permeates all business aspects, understanding a company’s IT assets, systems, and processes becomes crucial during an M&A deal. Not conducting an IT and Cyber due diligence may result in significant financial loss and a damaged brand reputation.

Information Technology(IT)Due Diligence

N2M's IT experts conduct a deep diligence analysis of the company's IT assets including, technology and applications, systems infrastructure, and processes. Investors should examine a target’s technology needs and assess the investment requirements, early in the process to mitigate risks and accurately assess a target’s value.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence

N2M's Cyber due diligence specialists conduct a thorough analysis including the review of the governance, processes, and controls used to secure a target company’s information assets. We also determine potential risks of third-party vendors and subsidiaries that cooperate with the acquisition target. Cyber evaluation has become paramount, and particularly to M&A deals, due to proliferation of increased cyber attacks and risks.

Private equity experienced

Experienced Private Equity Talent

N2M is a recognized leader for specialized IT services supporting private equity firms and portfolio companies worldwide. Our services include ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM and BI selections, assessments, implementations, program and project management, IT and cyber due diligence.


N2M's TQ. IT Due Diligence

In M&A and Private Equity, evaluating a target quickly can be valuable. With N2M's TQ. AI-Powered IT Due Diligence, we can provide clients with a quick, but real assessment of a target's technical health. With N2M's TQ. and our expert guidance and high-impact insights, investors can bid with confidence.

As a boutique digital consultancy, we're differentiated by our agile business model. We can move at your pace and deliver the results when you need them.

Our Interim Executive services

Senior Interim Executive & Program Management Services

N2M is a recognized leader for specialized IT services supporting private equity firms and portfolio companies worldwide. We provide M&A strategy, IMO, SMO and experienced IT talent to ensure successful mergers or acquisitions.

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